Y2K Finance


$Y2K token is the utility token of the Y2K ecosystem, shaping the direction of 2 flagship products: Earthquake and Wildfire.
Following the IFO, $Y2K can be locked for vlY2K which will exhibit the following functions:
  • Governance
  • Protocol revenue sharing (50% of fees) YIP#2
  • $Y2K emissions YIP#4
  • Direction of emissions
  • Deposit asset in Earthquake vaults
At launch, $Y2K will be issued as a reward to vault depositors, but will be non-transferable until Bond initiation and the release of vlY2K. The approximate timeline for transferability is early December.

Y2K is available for trade in the following DEXes

  • $Y2K is the governance token that will be used to define important parameters of the Y2K ecosystem. $Y2K is available for trading in the following Balancer Pool: Y2K : wETH