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YieldSource examples

Stargate LP farming

Liquidity providers for stargate receive LP token. Users can stake this token into farming contract for STG rewards. We can use this reward for insurance purchase by converting STG into WETH or any other payment token.
Here is deploy script.
yieldSource = address(
new StargateLPYieldSource(
STG_PID, // LP farming pool id
STG_LPTOKEN, // LP token of stargate
STG_STAKING, // Farming contrat
SUSHISWAP_ROUTER // Router for swap
Stargate USDC LP token: 0x892785f33CdeE22A30AEF750F285E18c18040c3e Yield Source: 0x80D47E9D823074e0909601A389b4cd255d65CE27 SIV: 0x3D817dB548245692f9100FCCB4Fc0D8eb92a210a

Staked GLP from GMX

GLP owners receive WETH fees and GMX tokens as yield. We can use this yield for insurance purchase. Here, we compound GMX for more WETH fee rewards.
Here is deploy script.
yieldSource = address(
new StakedGLPYieldSource(
StakedGLP_TOKEN, // sGLP token
WETH, // wrapped eth
GMX_REWARD_ROUTER, // reward router v2 of gmx
SUSHISWAP_ROUTER // swap router for swap
StakedGLPYieldSource code
sGLP: 0x5402B5F40310bDED796c7D0F3FF6683f5C0cFfdf Yield Source: 0x875D8b0ecB66F625399D954BA50b3db0B28F9ECe SIV: 0x589A9463d55a1ac2fe2f903d4f700eC0fb301E9E