Y2K Finance
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My Portfolio

User can see connected wallets' positions under My Portfolio.
My Positions
User can see connected wallet's positions under "My Portfolio"
Users can filter connected wallet's positions based on thier status:
  • Upcoming: Respective epoch has not started
  • Ongoing: Respective epoch has started & not resolved
  • Resolved: Respective epoch has ended
Positions are clustered based on the markets. Users can see multiple positions under one market using the "Positions" slider.
User can see the positions for the selected market under "Positions" tab:
  • Position status: Communicates which period of the epoch life cycle the position is:
    • Upcoming: Coverage period as known as Epoch period has not started for the respective market.
    • Ongoing: Respective market is in the Epoch period.
    • Resolved: Respective market is reached to the conclusion.
  • (Expected) ROI: ROI is subject to change until the respective epoch starts depending on the deposit changes on the each side of the Vault.
    • ROI= ( potentialProfit* 0.95/ deposit) * 100
  • (Expected) payout: Payout to be made in case the conditions are met & subject to change until epoch starts depending on the deposit changes on the each side of the Vault.
  • (Expected) emissions: Y2K emissions to the position is subject to change until the respective epoch starts depending on the deposit changes on the each side of the Vault. Emission per share is subject to Total Emissions Emitted for the market.
    • emissonsPerShare=totalY2KEmissonsToTheMarket/totalNumberofShares
"Filter" can be used to see the positions in different states:
  • Upcoming
  • Ongoing
  • Resolved
Position being rolled over to the following epochs. Users can select the rollover amount after their initial deposit. Respective rollover will continue to earn rewards until the Positions has lost.
Same market positions(even if they are from different epochs) can roll to only one epoch. This means, user cannot rollover different positions for the same market.
Example: Wallet has three positions:
  • BUSD with $0.998 Strike Price & epoch of 06-12.09.23
  • BUSD with $0.998 Strike Price & epoch of 30-06.09.23
  • BUSD with $0.998 Strike Price & epoch of 23-30.09.23
If the user would like to roll the position over, can only select one of these cards since one market can be pointed to only one epoch. By default, Y2K's UI V2, will enable the position with the highest deposit, so the users can rollover the maximum value they can.
Users can rollover only the highest card for the same market & position (collateral/premium). This card will be visible as the 1st card in the respective Market's slider.
  • After minting a position, the positions will be visible under Positions tab on the respective Asset's page & on My Portfolio.
    • Respective Market can be rolled over by clicking on "Rollover" within the position card.
Rollover example
  • Your Original Position: Demonstrates the key data points for the existing position, the position that is being rolled over from.
  • Your Rollover Position: The input field for the position to be rolled over:
    • Epoch Time: Epoch dates & type the position will be rolled over to
    • Rollover Deposit: Amount of shares user would like to roll over. User can rollover all the existing shares or a proportion/fraction of it.
    • Relayer fee: Gas cost of the rollover transaction. To be paid to relayers.
    • Mint Next Epoch: Amount of shares to be minted.
      • mintNextEpoch=rolloverAmount-relayerFee
Each rollover will spend a minimal relayer fee. This will be deducted from the amount of shares minted.
Post Rollover State
Once a positions is rolled over, rollover card will be visible on top of "Original Position"(the position being rolled over from). User can "Delist" & "Edit" this rolling over position:
  • Delist: Once a position is rolled over, it is going to be queued up until the position is minted. Queue is executed when the existing epoch is over for the position. A rolling over position can be delisted from the queue until the execution. This can be done by clicking on "Delist" & confirm the prompt:
  • Edit: Rolling over position can be edited anytime before minted. This can be done by clicking on "Edit" & following regular rollover flow. Rollover deposit amount will be reflecting the current rolling over amount by default.
  • View the original position: "Original Position" can be seen by clicking this CTA. "Original Position" refers to the position that is being rolled over from.
If a resolved market is showing "Won" label, this means the Market resolved in favor of deposited side. Won rewards can be claimed using the "Claim" CTA. When the rewards are claimed, the emissons will be transfered to the respective wallets. Y2K rewards are emitted to the Earthquake V2 markets. Unlike V1 Markets, users do not need to stake to farms separately.
Claim Rollover
Claiming a rolling over position
When user wants to claim a position that is rolling over, user will claim the amount that is not in the rollover. If the user wants to claim the all available funds for the respective market, delist of that market is needed.
If a Market is showing "Liquidated" label, this means the Market is resolved against the deposited side. Emissons can be claimed by burning the position by clicking on "Burn" CTA.