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Earthquake Builder program


Composability is the beating heart of DeFi. With Y2K's finely tuned V2 codebase, Earthquake transforms into a highly versatile and composable money lego, enabling seamless integration into other protocols. This further refines their product offerings and optimally caters to their user needs.
Earthquake, however, isn't merely a standalone product; it's a foundational infrastructure that streamlines the creation of risk markets. This is achieved through seamless integration, enhanced flexibility, and a simplified user experience. V2 allows Earthquake to cater to an expanded user base, thus sparking a fresh wave of product innovation within the DeFi space.


One of DeFi's most compelling features is the creation of intricately connected layers through smart contract execution. Analogous to versatile building blocks, DeFi paves the way for the assembly of "money legos." This composability empowers builders to incorporate existing contracts from other protocols in novel ways, crafting unique collaborative products. These partnerships are mutually beneficial, enhancing features, attracting a broader user base, and fortifying protocols over time.
The launch of our V2 codebase transforms Earthquake into the quintessential DeFi money lego. Protocols can effortlessly incorporate Earthquake into their frameworks, enhancing their offerings by providing insurance to users exposed to pegged assets. This vastly extends Earthquake's reach to include anyone in DeFi with exposure to stablecoins, derivatives, wrappers, or any other defined risk in the DeFi landscape.
In this context, the Self-Insured Vault (SIV) emerges as a blueprint for composable strategies, forming an integral part of Earthquake V2. The SIV is uniquely positioned to leverage the composability of the DeFi ecosystem, making it a key player in Y2K's mission to drive the next wave of DeFi innovation.